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Our Philosophy: Making Riding Affordable

The 2021 American Horse Publications industry  survey found that one of the top three issues facing the horse world today is the increased cost of horse keeping. The expenses of having a horse have become so astronomical that 60 percent of equestrians who responded to the survey are having to make sacrifices in other areas of their lives and 21.3 percent are picking up another source of income. 

Expenses related to horse care, tack, and barn supplies, as well as riding apparel, contribute to a big cost of horse keeping and horseback riding. Tack shops and tack stores nationwide are caught up in this swell of increased expenses and the changing economic nature of the world after the pandemic. 

At JPC Equestrian, we believe that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to help increase accessibility to horses by offering lower prices for high-quality products. Our online tack store, Breeches.com, is crucial to this mission.

Affordability is Key to Opening Doors in the Horse World

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“When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine…you know you are loved.”

-John Lyons

Every child should have the opportunity to love and be loved by a horse. Horses teach us so many things, and the world would be a better place if that knowledge was shared. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people cannot afford to get their children into horseback riding.

One of the biggest things the horse world has been criticized for is its elitism. Saddles that cost tens of thousands of dollars and riding boots that cost more than a month’s worth of groceries for a family of two do not help this issue. That’s why JPC Equestrian started Breeches.com. 

Our  starter paddock boots for kids cost as little as $40. Adult amateurs who want to try competing for the first time don’t have to spend nearly a thousand dollars on a pair of tall boots. Instead, at Breeches.com they can purchase a pair of quality,  competition-ready tall boots for $100. 

Our frequent sales are hugely popular with discounts ranging up to 40 to 50 percent. How are we able to offer these discounts? Here’s our secret: 

We’re willing to lose money to help our customers achieve their horseback riding dreams. It’s as simple as that. 

In-House Brands on Our Online Tack Shop

henri de rivel in house saddle brand at tack shop

Equine Couture, TuffRider, and Henri de Rivel are our three in-house brands that we have been able to customize to meet our mission to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Family owned since 1992, we strive to bring you the best year after year with our online tack store.

We’ve worked closely with master saddler Bob Schneder to develop  Henri de Rivel saddles to be more durable, with soft, grippy leather. According to Bob, “It’s a really really quality saddle; we’ve worked a lot of the bugs out of it. It's reliable and greatly improved over the last year. HDR has done a great job of creating an entry-level saddle. The new leather is softer than ever; it’s durable but requires almost no break-in.”

The average price range for a Henri de Rivel saddle is between $800 and $1200 dollars. Our tack store also carries Henri de Rivel bridles, stirrup leathers, breast collars, and more. 

Perfect for everyone from beginner riders to professionals,  TuffRider offers everything from footwear and helmets to saddle pads and blankets. Compared to so-called luxury brands, you can purchase a pair of high-quality, long-lasting TuffRider breeches for between $30 and $70 dollars. Many riders may feel pressured to purchase high-end brands to fit in. But with TuffRider’s beautiful selection of fabrics and ability to keep up with the latest trends, riders can look great for a fraction of the price. 

Last but not least, Equine Couture is our fashion-forward in-house apparel brand, focusing on the best riding outfits for dressage and hunter/jumper riders. While Equine Couture clothing is one of our tack store’s more “expensive” brands, it still offers affordable options for riders of all ages and sizes. 

Competing at horse shows is one of the most expensive aspects of horseback riding. Many riders are unable to compete simply because they cannot afford it. For example, a traditional show outfit from top brands, including boots and a helmet, can cost around $1600 dollars. At these prices, it’s no wonder why we don’t see more riders out competing. 

With Equine Couture, we aim to provide show ring ready riding outfits for a fraction of the cost. Check out this show outfit:

  1. Equine Couture Ladies Blakely Knee Patch Breeches: $80.96
  2. Equine Couture Ladies Isabel Show Shirt: $40.20
  3. Equine Couture Diamond Quilted Suede Belt: $26.51
  4. Equine Couture  Ladies Raleigh Show Coat: $104.95
  5. TuffRider Ladies Regal Field Boots: $272.95
  6. TuffRider ShowTime Plus Helmet: $53.52

Total cost: $579.09

It pays (literally) to shop at a tack store that knows how much a dollar means to you and your family. 

Social Responsibility

At JPC Equestrian, we did not start Breeches.com to become a part of the “fast fashion” industry. Our low prices come from our drive to give every penny back to our customers. 

Whereas other brands may be able to offer low prices by sourcing from irresponsible manufacturers and providing low-quality clothing, our tack store seeks to do exactly the opposite. We own all of our factories and control every part of the manufacturing process. Materials are sourced responsibly and are hand-chosen by our team. 

We want our customers to rest easy knowing that their bargains came from a company that is looking out for its employees and manufacturers. We own all of our factories and are responsible for our products from manufacturing to sale.

Shop Our Online Tack Store: Breeches.com

Breeches.com combines our in-house brands (TuffRider, Equine Couture and Henri de Rivel) with hand-chosen products from companies like Roper, Charles Owen, and Absorbine. Our website is constantly being updated with new products for English and Western riders alike. Whether you’re looking for an affordable English show outfit, a new pair of jeans for working on the ranch, or a new blanket for your horse, our selection of products is sure to have what you’re looking for. 

Keep an eye on  our home page for the latest sales and discount codes!

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