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Top 10 Must-Have Products for Trail Riding

Happy Spring! Are you ready to hit the trails? has all the tack, apparel, and supplies you’ll need to enjoy trail riding with your horse, worry-free. Check out our top ten must-have products that you’ll need for horseback trail riding. 

1.  TuffRider Ranger Trail Saddle

It’s hard to enjoy horse trail rides when you’re riding in an uncomfortable saddle. Nothing ends a nice weekend with friends faster than saddle sores! The  TuffRider Ranger Trail Saddle features a roughed-out suede seat and a close contact fit so you can enjoy trail riding in comfort. Light oil in color with partial basketweave tooling, this saddle looks especially beautiful in the dappled light of wooded trails and bright forest meadows. 

2.  TuffRider Western Headstall

Kick those hard to handle Chicago screws to the curb with the  TuffRider Western Headstall with latigo bit ties. Latigo ties allow for quick and easy bit swapping, as well as traditional style. This headstall sits securely on your horse’s head, thanks to the throatlatch and browband, making it perfect for a snaffle bit, which is what most riders use on horse trail rides. 

trail riding, horse trail rides, horseback trail riding

3.  Australian Outrider Deluxe Halter/Bridle

Save yourself the hassle of packing both a halter and bridle with the Australian Outrider Deluxe Halter/Bridle. Since you can easily customize the fit to your horse with five different adjustable points, this combination halter and bridle can be worn by most of the horses in your stable. The bit attaches with a snap, so you can take your horse’s bit off easily and safely without ever leaving the trail. 

4.  TuffRider Western Split Reins with Horse Hair

Comfortable for you and your horse, these reins offer a soft feel of the horse’s mouth and are pliable enough to mold to your hand. Decorated with just a little bit of bling, these reins attach to the bit with star-shaped Chicago screws and silver studs. At the end of the reins are horse hair tassels, which are perfect for swatting flies off your horse, as you go down the trail. 

5.  Tough-1 Elite Insulated Saddle Bag

Horseback trail riding requires a lot of supplies, but where will you put it all? Drape this saddle bag around your saddle so you can easily access your phone, emergency supplies, drinks, and – of course– snacks. Available in black and brown, this saddle bag is insulated to keep drinks cold and is made up of three different compartments to easily store all of the ingredients for a great day on the trail. 

western saddle blanket for trail riding, horse trail rides, horseback trail riding

6.  TuffRider Phoenix Acrylic Saddle Pad

Stand out while horseback trail riding with a bright splash of color from the TuffRider Phoenix Acrylic Saddle Pad. With built-in wither relief and made from a durable acrylic blend, this western pad is long-lasting and comfortable for your horse. Leather guards carefully placed in strategic high-wear locations ensures this pad will last for years to come. 

7. Cashel Quiet Ride Horse Fly Mask with Ears

Have a horse that’s sensitive to flies? The  Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask is designed to be worn over the bridle, allowing you to safely control your horse, while preventing irritation from flying insects while horseback trail riding. Lightweight see-through mesh will not impact your horse’s vision and allows them to navigate even wooded trails with ease. Happy horse, happy rider– keep your horse happy on your next horse trail ride with this fly mask. 

8.  Cinch Arena Flex Shirt

Trail riders are out on the trail and in the sun all day long. The Cinch Women’s Arena Flex Button Down Shirt is perfect for summer trail riding. Made from breathable and quick-drying fabric, this long sleeve shirt allows you to have full freedom of movement, while also keeping your arms covered from the sun. An open left front pocket, embroidered logo and turquoise-white marble pearl buttons, look as beautiful as this shirt is functional. Plus– it would pair beautifully with the  TuffRider Phoenix Acrylic Saddle Pad!

western boots for trail riding, horse trail rides, horseback trail riding

9. TuffRider Women Leigh Round Toe Western Boots

These boots are as tough as you are. The TuffRider Leigh Barbed Wire Round Toe Western Boots are crafted from buff tan crazy leather, making them durable and rugged boots. Whether you’re bushwhacking through trees in or out of the saddle, these boots can handle whatever a day spent horseback trail riding throws your way. Plus, an embroidered barbed wire pattern along the scallop gives these boots a little bit of added style and flair. 

10. TuffRider Men’s Old Faithful Western Boots

Comfortable. Durable. Trendy. These TuffRider Old Faithful Western Boots check all three boxes. Pull-on tabs and Cuban heels ensure these boots are practical both in and out of the saddle, while contrast-topstitch detailing creates a retro and classy look. Wide square-shaped toe offers ample space to keep your feet comfortable in the stirrups, no matter how long you’re trail riding for. A comfortable and sturdy pair of leather western boots is essential for any man's wardrobe! The Online Home of the Casual Trail Rider

Trail riders are searching for affordable, durable tack that’s still comfortable even after spending a whole day in the saddle. At, we get it. That’s why we offer trail rider favorites, like saddle bags and western boots, at prices that can’t be beat.

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