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Western Helmets for Your Next Rodeo

Western riding has a rich history grounded in traditional ways of life, such as ranching and cattle farming. But that doesn’t mean the safety equipment used at rodeos has to stay in the past. The right western helmet can honor the cowboys that settled the west, while still keeping you safe at the rodeo. 

Bright and Colorful Helmets for the Barrel Racers

Few things beat the atmosphere of excitement around the barrel racing ring at a rodeo. The rodeo is buzzing with activity behind the scenes at most barrel races. Horses and riders are anxiously waiting for their turn to run; horses are bucking with excitement; riders are nervously adjusting their tack. From the moment the buzzer sounds, horse and rider are off and flying down the arena, whipping around barrels, and making a mad dash for home. 

western helmet for barrel racers

Wear a western helmet that matches the frenzied excitement of barrel racing. The  Troxel Spirit Helmet is available in a wide variety of fun colors: from Western-inspired graphics like crimson aztec and insignia, to graphic prints like T-Rex, to whimsical patterns like purple boho.

With so many patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find a western helmet that matches your personal sense of style at your next rodeo. 

If patterns and graphics aren’t your thing, the  TuffRider Starter Helmet could be a good choice. 

Available in four fun colors, black, white, hot pink, and royal blue, you can match your helmet to your outfit and tack. A beautiful satin finish adds just the right amount of shine for a professional, quality look. This helmet includes a soft-lined inner shell, which has added air flow and comfort thanks to ventilation slots. The Coolmax liner provides cushion and is conveniently removable for washing after a long day at the rodeo. 

Western Graphics for the Cow Horse

Western disciplines like team penning and steer wrestling are all about taking skills developed on a ranch to a competitive level. Catching a loose cow out on the range becomes steer wrestling. Separating cattle into different pens for branding, doctoring, and transport becomes team penning. With the right choice of western helmet, you can pay homage to the rich history of these disciplines with various western-inspired graphics and patterns. 

Navajo western helmet

The  Troxel Rebel helmet is a low-profile, ASTM and SEI-certified helmet that has mesh-covered vents for added breathability on hot days at the rodeo. A washable headliner keeps your helmet fresh, no matter how much you sweat. The Navajo pattern helmet features geometric graphics and lines along the sides. A subtle repeating arrow motif finishes off the look. The overall appearance of this western helmet gives the impression of a casual, but fashionable approach to staying safe at the rodeo. 

Solid Colors for the Cutting Horse

western helmet for the cow horse rider

Cutting is another discipline with roots in ranch work, but with one important distinction. Cutting is all about the horse’s natural cow sense and instincts. Yes, the rider does play an important role in separating the cow from the herd, but when it comes to keeping the cow from returning to the herd, the horse is the real star of the show. 

The last thing you want in the cutting ring is for your outfit choice to draw attention away from the horse and to yourself. Just like you get points docked for interfering with the horse’s natural instincts, you may also get docked for drawing attention to yourself. That’s why it’s important to wear a dark-colored and not-at-all flashy helmet in the cutting ring. 

The  TuffRider Show Time Helmet comes in a matte finish with nearly hidden ventilation slots for the ultimate discrete look. SEI-certified, this helmet is constructed with ABS material to protect your head from bumps and hits and increase durability and toughness. Only available in black, this western helmet will keep the judge’s attention on your horse’s skills, where it belongs. 

Subtle Glitter for Western Pleasure

western helmet for pleasure classes

Unlike cutting, western pleasure classes are all about the bling. In this ring, you’ll see flashy shirts, bright colors, and lots and lots of sparkles. Western pleasure saddles are usually bedecked with silver, while bridles and bits are polished to perfection. 

Buy a western helmet that will add to your look, not detract. That’s why we took our TuffRider Show Time Helmet and made it even better. The  Show Time PLUS Helmet has the same great features as our older model, however we gave it a makeover. Now, the Show Time Plus Helmet features a soft and luxurious suede finish accented with shiny black plastic around the ventilation slots, which fences in a stripe of black glitter. This professional-grade helmet features a cushioned Coolmax liner and a soft-lined inner shell for ultimate comfort. Plus, the SEI certification is the mark of a best-in-class protective helmet that protects your head, so you can focus on your class at the rodeo. 

Neutral Tones for the Reiner

Reining combines the fast pace of barrel racing, the horsemanship of western pleasure, and the close bond between horse and rider that’s needed for cutting. Riders wear everything from sparkly show coats to conservative jeans and long-sleeve button-downs. At the end of the day, the entire focus of the class is on the horse’s ability to be agile, responsive, and quick. 

western helmet for reiners

A class this comprehensive and unique deserves a helmet to match. To keep the focus on your horse, choose a helmet that is subtle, but still hearkens back to reining’s roots in ranch work. The  Troxel Sierra Helmet is an ASTM/SEI-certified helmet with a low profile and washable headliner.

Its most unique feature is the nylon and leather covering. Available in three different shades (black, brown, and tan), this stylish helmet looks just as rugged as a traditional western hat. Plus, the three different colors make it easy to match the helmet to the rest of your tack. 

A Western Helmet for Every Discipline

It’s time to change the narrative around western helmets. No matter what discipline you compete in, it’s important to protect your head. You only get one brain and there’s no prosthetic that can take its place. Brain injuries can lead to coma or even death, and, contrary to popular belief, they can happen to anyone on any horse. 

Choosing a western helmet that suits your discipline makes it easy to protect your head at your next rodeo. The right western helmet will add to your overall look, not detract, and keep you safe at the same time. 

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