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What to Wear to a Rodeo


Whether you’re headed to your first rodeo or your tenth, it can be challenging to figure out the perfect outfit to wear. As many experienced rodeo-goers know, rodeos aren’t just about barrel-racing, bull riding, and a carnival atmosphere. Rodeos are also the perfect event to make a statement with a stylish and eye-catching outfit. 

We’ve come up with a complete outfit, from head to toe, for men and women who want to make a statement at the next rodeo they attend. 

All About the Footwear

men's western boots for the rodeo

Western footwear is more than just a pair of boots or casual shoes. These boots have become synonymous with the legacy of the Wild West. This fashion statement isn’t just limited to the rodeo or Western riding world; fashion influencers and celebrities hit the streets in Western-style boots, too. 

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking at the rodeo, so be sure to wear footwear that is comfortable and supportive. 

For the ladies, the  TuffRider Women’s Slip-On Graphix is a good choice. Available in five desert-themed patterns, the topstitched detailing adds a stylish charm to these slip-on shoes, while the memory foam insole offers the comfort you’ll need for a day at the rodeo. 

Or, if you’d prefer to fully embrace the rodeo lifestyle, wear a pair of stylish Western boots like the  TuffRider Ladies Mormon Western Boot. These boots feature an embroidered floral design on both the front and sides. Made from cow-aged bark leather, these boots are water resistant and feature a soft texture and quick-drying properties.

For the men, the  Roper Brown Suede Casual Shoes are an excellent option that offer all day comfort thanks to the lightweight molded EVA midsole and removable comfort insole. The Chukka lacings allow you to customize the fit. 

Or, wear the iconic  Lamar Square Toe Western Boots to your local rodeo. These boots are comfortable and durable thanks to their handmade resin rubber sole. The contrast stitching design flows up the sides, front, and back of the boot to create a look that is both fashionable and manly. 

The Best Jeans for the Rodeo

western jeans for the rodeo

Durable and comfortable jeans are perfect for the rodeo. 

The  Rock & Roll Bootcut Ladies Riding Jeans offer the best of both worlds: comfort and fashion. White contrast stitching adds a fashionable touch that stands out against the dark wash fabric, while the extra stretch material ensures you’ll be comfortable no matter what a day at the rodeo throws at you. 

For cowboys, the  Stetson Modern Fit Jeans offer a relaxed thigh and bootleg opening so you can wear them with your Western boots. The medium blue color matches almost any shirt, perfect for the guy that’s in a rush and just wants to get to the rodeo without worrying about matching outfits. Gold and navy stitching on the back pockets add a fashionable detail that you won’t find on other rodeo jeans. 

Western Style Shirts

Fit right in at the rodeo with a Western style button down shirt. 

The  Roper Women’s Long Sleeve Snap Shirt comes in a neutral tan color that will let your accessories and footwear be the stars of the show. The snap buttons and two breast pockets are easy and convenient. Plus, the long sleeves will protect you from the sun, while the 100 percent cotton fabric will keep you cool. 

Men can pair their medium blue jeans with the  Roper Long Sleeve Western Snap Shirt in solid green. Just like the women’s shirt, it features the same convenient snap buttons and two breast pockets. The dark green color is reminiscent of evergreens and is a few shades darker than your favorite John Deere tractor. This shirt has a relatively relaxed fit and is made of 100 percent cotton so you can be comfortable all day long. 

Belts: The Bigger the Better

silver rodeo belt buckles

Just like a good pair of Western boots, you can’t go to a rodeo without a nice Western belt. When it comes to belts, you’ll see some pretty impressive belt buckles at the rodeo. If you don’t have your own prize-winning belt buckle, purchase a belt with a beautiful leather design. 

The  Roper Western Belt is a good choice for the stylish woman who’s headed to the rodeo. Made of high-quality genuine leather, this belt is sure to be eye-catching when paired with the tan shirt and dark wash jeans. Plus, the dark brass accents and unique beading add a boho-chic vibe to your Western style outfit. 

Men can wear the  Roper Men’s Western Hand Tooled Floral Belt. This belt is made of hand-tooled genuine leather with double-stitched edges for added durability. The dark brown with lighter accents will match the cow rust leather of the Lamar Western Boots. Plus, the Hand Tooled Floral Belt has a beautiful Western buckle featuring roped edges and a nickel finish. This belt could become the standout feature of your rodeo outfit.


bit scarf for the rodeo

No rodeo outfit is complete without the right accessories! Accessories can make or break a look and turn a plain outfit into something fashionable. 

Ladies can style a scarf, like the  AWST Snaffle Bit and Houndstooth Scarf, into a hair scarf, shawl, or neck scarf. While there are many different ways to style scarves, some of the most common are to tie the scarf around the neck into a choker or with a bow. Other ways to style it include using it as a bandana, tying it to a purse or wallet, or wrapping it around your wrist.

Men can accessorize their outfit with a wallet that matches their belt and boots. The  Roper Distress Crazyhorse Wallet features the same antique floral-tooled sanded overlay as the Western Antique Sanded Belt. The high quality brown leather is accented with contrast stitching to finish off the polished Western style look. 

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