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C4 Belts

C4 belts are more than just a functionalaccessory. They represent a company and customer base that is passionate about making the world a better place.

C4 stands for Choose your Color, Choose your Cause and $1 from every C4 belt purchase goes toward supporting one of their partnered charities. C4 belts are also made to support a sustainable future - allC4 equestrian belts are made of 100% recyclable materials, making them friendlier for the earth and all of us living on it.

Belt Collection

Stetson Men's 1520 Fit Jeans With A Pierced Back Pocket_1

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Stetson Men's Stetson Chukka Boots_108

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Stetson Men's Harve Boots - Breeches.com

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Stetson Men's Classic Denim Shirt W/ Designer Snaps_6

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Horse C4 beltsare designed to make you look and feel good for years. The recyclable materials and colors used to makeC4 beltsare strong, durable, and machine washable. It’s just as easy to care for these as it is to wear them around your waist. No matter what your personal style or color preference is, you’re sure to find a belt in this collection that you will love to wear while horseback riding, working outside, or walking around town. These belts were designed to fit your lifestyle, whatever kind of lifestyle you live!

There truly is a belt for everyone when you shop with C4, even if you aren’t ahorse-lover. C4 has options for thecorgi lover,comedy fan, and anyone who likes to style their outfits withbright colors.