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Cavallo hoof boots allow for hoof wall expansion which is paramount for maintaining proper circulation, healthy bones, and comfort for horses. Cavallo has the tools to encourage and enhance a natural riding experience for your horse.

Cavallo was founded in 1993 as an alternative to metal horseshoes.Today, Cavallo horse boots offer a great solution to many hoof issues on shod and barefoot equines.

Oftentimes, on trail rides or rough terrain, shoes may become loose. Hoof boots act as temporary protection until the farrier arrives. They’re also great for turnout if you have rocky pastures. Cavallo boots provide excellent comfort and relief for navicular disease, abscess recovery, chronic laminitis, bruising of the sole, contracted heels and many other impairments.

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How to Measure When Using Cavallo Boots Over Metal Shoes

Many people do indeed use Cavallo Boots in combination with metal shoes, with great results. The Cavallo Boot TPU (thermoplastic urethane) sole can assist in absorbing shock, which causes vibration up the horse’s structure. Boots also prevent sole bruising in rough terrain, on hard ground and asphalt. Boots are also used for shod horses for hoof rehabilitation and to provide increased comfort and protection during riding, training, transport, and turnout.

To measure a shod horse, just follow the regular measuring instructions (as above) but instead, measure the length and width of the horseshoe itself (rather than the bare hoof). If you are unsure of your measurements or would like a second opinion, please feel free to send us photos of the length and width of your horseshoes (as shown):

Measuring Tips

  • Make sure to measure after a fresh trim

  • The weight-bearing LENGTH indicates the size necessary. Take width measurements as well, since that helps to confirm you have chosen the correct size and sole width

  • Please measure each hoof, as they may differ – requiring different sized boots

  • Only new, UNUSED boots can be exchanged. To keep the boot clean, we suggest covering the hoof with thin plastic and checking fit on a non-scuff (not gravel), clean, dry surface. To be certain about your fit, please follow the test shown in the video below BEFORE using your boots

  • Make sure to place the ‘zero’ point of your tape measure at the tip of the toe when measuring your length

We also offer accessories for Cavallo horse boots. Cavallo gel pads are temporary inserts that are excellent for greater shock absorption, extra cushioning, and increased circulation. Likewise, Cavallo support pads are designed to increase comfort, secure the fit of the boot, and extend boot life.


Shop Cavallo boots for sale on! Made to help promote healthy bones, blood flow, and comfort by absorbing shock and allowing the body to move naturally. Cavallo boots come in a variety of sizes and styles so you can find the perfect pair for you, your horse, and your lifestyle! With Cavallo products, you and your horse will always ride in the utmost style and comfort.