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Basic Animal Health

Basic Animal Health BetterRide gel 3

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Style Code : 93-BRGL2001

    • Does Not Contain Any Prohibited Substances
    • May be used daily for ongoing hindgut pH maintenance and prevention
    • Nourishes for a healthy coat
    • May alleviate negative behaviors attributed to discomfort
    • Provides relief which can improve horse’s attitude and willingness to perform
  • GutHealth Xtra Strength gel is a hindgut Stabilizer gastric aid and digestive supplement designed for horses of all sizes, ages, and activity levels. Our all-natural digestive supplement is formulated for horses that exhibit anxiety, weight loss, and behavioral issues from discomfort and digestive stress. GutHealth Xtra Strength provides an effective amount of pH-elevating encapsulated sodium bicarbonate combined with other active ingredients to immediately soothe esophageal, gastric, duodenal, and cecal irritation caused by decreased gut pH due to diet and stress. Used daily, GutHealth Xtra Strength will help control ulcers and ulcer issues, improve appetite and buffer hindgut pH in horses.

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Basic Animal Health BetterRide gel 3