Equestrian Accessories - How to Add Your Own Touch in the Show Ring

Equestrian Accessories - How to Add Your Own Touch in the Show Ring

As equestrians, we want to honor time-old traditions such as sleeking our hair so tight into a hairnet under our helmets that we get an instant facelift, choking ourselves with collared show shirts and wearing black or navy long sleeved show jackets in the dead of summer- and we love every minute of it! 

In the schooling ring, you are free to express yourself in however you see fit (within your stable’s rules and abiding local laws of course). Of course, you cannot ride around in your birthday suit, that would be uncalled for, you animal! Neon breeches? Go for it. Your favorite band souvenir tank top?

Absolutely. Blinged out a helmet with sparkles? Work it! Unfortunately, we are forced to rein it in a bit (see what I did there?) for the show ring. This is not a bad thing, a show ready horse and rider duo always look absolutely superb and polished. But Grand Prix showjumper, Danielle Goldstein is straight up killing it with feathered hair! 


How do I know what the rules are? 

Checking with your trainer, local showgrounds steward or technical delegate is a great place to start for non-rated competitions. If the judge is available for questions, they are always great references. As for USEF rated shows, the official rule book is available online and if you need bathroom reading material, can be ordered as a hard copy. 


What are some legal ways to show my personal style in the show ring in my outfit?

There are many ways to have your personality shine through in the show ring that won’t get you disqualified. Making small details pop on certain accessories and apparel pieces is a great way to add personality to your outfit. This can include gloves, belts, boots, show jackets and helmets! 


Ladies Crystal Riding Gloves by Equine Couture

The Ladies Crystal Riding Gloves by Equine Couture features small crystal detailing on the velcro tab for a shiny touch and stand out nicely on black show gloves. Silicone grip ensures your reins will not slip through your fingers throughout your class. Relief panels provide extra stretch right where you need it most. 

Equine Couture Ladies Fiona Show Coat

Show coat color rules depend on the discipline you are competing in. The jumper ring is the most lenient place for testing different styles. The Equine Couture Ladies Fiona Show Coat is a great choice for a quiet style. With small crystal detailing under the zipper pockets and modern, slimming lines, this jacket is sure to stand out just enough to show individuality.  


Ladies Double Snaffle Bit Belt by Henri de Rivel

Belts are another great way to show a subtle fashion quirk in the ring. If your show coat is properly fitted, the tail should lay just above the seat of your saddle. This will cover your belt when in a deep or regular seat, but when over a jump or in a light seat in the canter, the coat tail will pop up and reveal a quick sparkle or detailed belt. The Ladies Double Snaffle Bit Belt by Henri de Rivel is a great choice for a traditional feel, but more than a plain, flat belt.


Double Row Bling Belt

The Double Row Bling Belt is another choice for a bit more pizazz. Available in black crystals, at first glance, this belt looks simple, but a slight sparkle can be seen as your coat tail gracefully flies up. 

Boots are another place to add a special touch. The TuffRider  Ladies Regal Patent Leather Field Boots feature a shiny toe cap and Spanish top with logo. Just an appropriate amount of sheen for any ring! 

Lastly, the helmet has proven to be one of the most popular ways to incorporate your own style. The Show Time Plus Helmet by TuffRider features a peak full of black glitter. Not all for style, this helmet also allows air ventilation to keep your head nice and cool during your ride. Available in many sizes, so you can achieve your perfect fit! 

Show Time Plus Helmet by TuffRider

It’s all about adding tiny unique details that add a little jazz to your outfit. 

How to do I show my style on my horse? 

Browband bling is a serious trend in the horse industry. From crystals to intricate beaded designs and popular especially in dressage. For a more subtle detail, simple owner and registered name engraved plates at the crown piece of the bridle is an easy way to add a little extra something. 

Many of Henri de Rivel Mono Crown bridles would support any engraved plate. 

Throwing in a touch of your own personality in the show ring is fun and keeps our outfit looking fresh. It also separates you from the pack a little bit.  If none of these options fit your fancy, some Danielle Goldstein feathers are an awesome look and give you a rebel vibe! 

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