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Equine Couture Performance Saddle Pad

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Style Code : 110834-16_STD

    • Anatomically Shaped for Spinal Clearance and Wither Relief
    • Non Slip Maintenance Free Suede Cloth
    • Brushed Cotton Underside for Moisture Management and Comfort
    • Girth Wear Patch and Elastic Billet Strap
    • Square Quilt Pattern
  • The Performance Saddle Pad by Equine Couture is made for the horse and rider with a competitive edge and compliments close contact saddles perfectly. This shaped pad allows for less friction and unnecessary material against the horse. A quilted pattern provides cushion and wicks moisture away from the skin. The Performance Pad is shaped with the curvatures of the horse's spine in mind; a shaped spine provides room and decreases constriction of the vertebral canal when pushed down by the weight of the rider and the saddle. Soft suede-like material allows for the saddle to grip and stay in place from flat work to cross country schooling. A girth wear patch ensures durability and a long life for your favorite new pad! Available in several tones, the Performance Saddle Pad is perfect for schooling or trailering out to an event!
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Equine Couture Performance Saddle Pad