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VIP™ Original Half Pad- Black


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Color – Black
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About Product
  • Doesn’t stick, cause friction or pluck hair when removed | Easy to clean – simply wash with water
  • The VIP can be positioned over or under a traditional saddle pad, with the Bobbles side always towards the horse's back | Does not interfere with a correctly fitted saddle.
  • Superior textured structure gives high tensile strength, the key to maintaining shape under extreme and prolonged compression.
  • Bobbles™ surface alleviates pressure points and distributes weight from the saddle evenly across the horse's back.
  • Proprietary viscoelastic polymer (not gel) conforms to the horse’s back like a low profile second skin.

The VIP Pad is made with a unique polymer called VEteq™. It is not a gel. This material is a unique, viscoelastic polymer that was designed over 50 years ago to prevent and treat pressure sores and ulcers in human medical settings. Rigorously tested worldwide in peer reviewed research, this polymer is the universal gold standard in impact protection. The material behaves like fat and skin and doesn't leak or bottom out under pressure, providing a layer of cushioning to the horse's back. Hypoallergenic, easy to clean and doesn't support bacterial growth.

Key Specifications 

  • Made with VEteq™ Material 
  • 8mm thick 
  • Soft, flexible, and seamless with no pressure causing trims 
  • Hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic 


The VIP Pad may be used directly on the horses back underneath the traditional saddle pad or between a traditional  saddle pad and saddle. Horses have a preference, so try both ways to find what your horse prefers. 

Always place the VIP Pad Bobble side down whether using the VIP directly on the horse’s back or on top of a  traditional saddle pad. The smooth side of the Pad should be facing up. 

The VIP Pad is hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic. Use either directly on your horse's back under a traditional saddle  pad or between a traditional saddle pad and saddle. The VIP Pad is safe to use on multiple horses.

Choosing the Right Size:


With wider tree point coverage than the VIP Original Large and VIP Original Pony sizes, the VIP Original Medium  has a spine length of 20” and is designed to fit English saddles with seat sizes 15.5 - 17” and youth Western saddles. 


Our most popular size for English riders, with a spine length of 22”, the VIP Original Large fits English saddles with  seat sizes 17 – 18” and Western saddles with seat sizes 14” and under.

Common Questions:

How do I clean the VIP Pad? 

Easily clean the VIP by running the pad under tap water and gently wiping with a wet cloth. Do not use alcohol,  detergents, abrasive cloths or brushes. The VIP is nonporous, so it doesn't absorb water. To dry, hang the VIP over a  smooth railing or saddle rack, or wipe with a cloth. 

How do I store the VIP Pad? 

Store the VIP Pad flat, folded down the length of the spine, rolled up, or draped over your saddle. To prevent  punctures or tears to the outer film, keep the VIP Pad away from sharp objects. Store the VIP Pad away from direct  sunlight and heat sources. Do not store in a hot vehicle. Do not place any weights on top of the VIP Pad. The  lifetime of the VIP Pad is determined by how it is stored and cared for. 

Is the VIP sticky? 

No - the VIP Pad is not sticky.  

Is the VIP Pad an anti-slip pad? 

The VIP Pad was not designed to be an anti-slip pad, but riders frequently tell us that they feel more stability in their  saddle with using the VIP Pad. 

Can the VIP Pad be used on a horse with a 'shark fin' wither? 

Yes, riders have used the VIP Pad on horses with a very predominant wither, including horses that are described as  having a 'shark fin' wither. In fact, VIP Equestrian co-founder Amanda Renouard has used a VIP Pad for years on  one of her mares that has a 'shark fin' wither. 

Will the VIP Pad make my horse sweaty? 

The VIP Pad draws heat away from the horse's back into the proprietary polymer and does not make your horse any  sweatier under the saddle than from the work he is doing. If your horse is sweaty on his neck, between his back legs,  behind his ears, or around his girth, he will be equally sweaty under his saddle with or without the VIP Pad.

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VIP™ Original Half Pad- Black -
VIP™ Original Half Pad- Black -
VIP Original Saddle Pad- Black -
VIP™ Original Half Pad- Black -
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